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Sister to Sister

Sister to Sister

opening night: 28.06.2014 r.

Performance was inspired by novel written by Ukrainian poet, essayist and writer, Oksana Zabużko.

Two actress – Ewa Mrówczyńska and Natalia Zduń – using a few props are telling the viewers the story of two sisters: Olena and Kalina and their complicated relations. Is this love? Or hate? Or maybe both? One of them is supposed to be someone special, chosen to a better live and purpose. The younger one is regarded as destined to everyday live and issues. The moon above become an ally and witness. The developments of wild dreams and obsessions, the impossibility of fulfilling own destination leads to a crime.  The greatest secret  is hidden in viburnum pipe…

based on novel by Oksana Zabużko  
script: Honorata Mierzejewska-Mikosza
directed by: Honorata Mierzejewska-Mikosza
stage design: Krzysztof Paluch
music: Iga Eckert
voice lesson: Jurij Pastuszenko

cast: Ewa Mrówczyńska, Natalia Zduń

Plakat: Sister to Sister
Youth and adults


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