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"Maska" Theatre in Rzeszów is the only professional puppet theatre in Podkarpacie region. The theatre repertoire includes variety of performances for children, teenagers and adults. There are about 350 performances a year and about 55 000 viewers.

Maska” Theatre in Rzeszow was established from the organizational structures of “Kacperek” Puppet and Actor Theatre which had begun running in 1956. The change of name took place in 1999 when the theatre moved into a new building in the centre of Rzeszow.

The building has two modern stage. It was then that the theatre became an institution under the control of the Municipal Bureau. “Maska” Theatre is the only professional puppet theatre in South East Poland. It runs its shows not only on its own stage but also at the community centers in the different cities, towns and villages of the Podkarpacie region. That way it can reach the young audience which, for many reasons, is unable to come to Rzeszow to see a show. The amount of productions reaches on average 300 per year and the amount of spectators over 50 thousand. In its 60 years of activity “Maska” Theatre has showed over 250 premieres. Its repertoire includes shows for children, teenagers and adults. However, the majority of shows are geared towards the younger audience.

It also organizes indoor and outdoor puppet shows, dance and musical shows. The theatre has often showed its plays abroad. It has traveled to Austria, Belgium, France, Yugoslavia, Slovakia, Turkey and the Ukraine. It has participated in many festivals, winning awards in Opole, Poznan, Zagreb and Charleville-Mézières, just to mention a few. The theatre was given a very important award - an award from the Minister of Art and Culture for The Creative Achievement for Services to Youth. The theatre conducts wide-spread cultural activities in order to bring youth closer to theatre and to art in general. It organizes theatre education for children and teenagers in order to familiarize the young audience with the details of theatre art. In addition, The Theatre Gallery (located in the foyer) allows talented, young artists to display their works.

Contact us

central office: 17 86 26 808
secretary's office: 17 86 25 717
fax: 17 862 24 07

Audience organisation office

17 85 20 614 17 85 01 360 17 85 01 365


"Maska" Theatre in Rzeszow, 35-064 Rzeszów, ul. Mickiewicza 13

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