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Maskarada 2023

13th International Festival of Theatres of Animated Forms "MASKARADA"

oSWÓJ LĘK [Become familiar with your fear]

We invite theatres to submit applications for performances for the 13. International Festival of Theatres of Revived Forms MASKARADA, which will take place in Rzeszów in September 2023. The Festival presents performances for children and young people, in which animated form is one of the main means of expression. MASKARADA is a review of phenomena occurring in puppet theatre, in the theatre of form and wants to inspire the search for new means of expression. In 2023 the festival will not take the form of a competition, but a meeting/review. However, as during previous editions, MASKARADA 2023 will be given a topic with a social dimension, giving the event additional meaning. 13. MASKARADA Festival will be held under the slogan: Become familiar with your fear [in Polish: oSWÓJ LĘK]. When selecting performances for the Festival programme, the subject matter will be as important as the form of the performance.


We want to establish a dialogue with young viewers by taking up difficult topics relating to their everyday life. The slogan “Become familiar with your fear” opens many ways to interpretation and associations. It creates a space to deal with such important topics as fear or sadness, to talk about diversity and mindfulness on another person, about ways to deal with difficult emotions. We want the festival performances, related to the keyword BECOMING FAMILIAR – becoming familiar with fear and difficult emotions, getting used to one's own identity, taming animals, taming/learning about the unknown – to inspire to ask questions and start conversations, talked about closeness and bonds, taught openness and empathy and tolerance, in a wise and accessible way for young viewers, they talked about the modern world and problems close to it.

We will look for the theme of "Become familiar with your fear” primarily in classic fairy tales, fairy tales and children's novels, but we are also open to contemporary texts.


Qualification of performances for the Festival programme takes place on the basis of the theatres sending the materials required by the Regulations to the Organiser. The Festival can only be attended by performances for children or young people, in which the animated form is one of the main means of expression, and which fit into the theme of the Festival: “Become familiar with your fear”.

During the Festival, the Organizer's performances related to the theme of TAMING will also be presented. Please do not submit to the Festival titles that are in the repertoire of the "Maska" Theatre ( – PERFORMANCES tab).

In addition to performances, the Festival program will include such events as: a street parade in the center of Rzeszów for the opening of the Festival, an interactive exhibition of theater puppets (Museum of Fears), screenings of etudes by participants of the Little Theatre Academy operating at the "Maska" Theater, workshops for young people and educators, a meeting with a psychologist and a social action "Walk with a mongrel" organized together with the Municipal Shelter for Homeless Animals "Kundelek" in Rzeszów.


We invite you to submit proposals for performances electronically to the following address: We are waiting for your applications until January 31, 2023. We enclose the Festival Regulations and the Application Form.

The theatres will be informed about the preliminary results of the qualification by February 28, 2023. The date of final confirmation of which performances will be included in the Festival programme depends on the date on which the Ministry of Culture and National Heritage announces information on the financing of projects submitted to the programme: Artistic events for children and youth.

Maskarada 2023_application_form.docx   (DOCX 37.6 KB)

Maskarada 2023_application_form.pdf (PDF 102,4 KB)

Maskarada 2023_Rules.docx (DOCX 37,7 KB)

Maskarada 2023_Rules_pdf (PDF 109 KB)

Invitation for sending applications. docx (DOCX 15,7 KB)

Invitation for sending applications.pdf (PDF 102,4 KB)


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