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The birthday of a puppy and a she-cat

The birthday of a puppy and a she-cat

opening night: 08.12.2007 r.

A puppy and a she-cat decide to organize their birthday without taking any help of their parents. It is a big thing for those who do it for the first time.

They have a lot of energy and many brilliant ideas. And how it was? You can find out about it watching the performance on the stage. The language of the performance is adjusted to the perception of young viewers who, as the main characters of the play, have just started to discover the world they live in.

written by: Josef Čapek
translation: Zbigniew Foniok
directed by: Lech Chojnacki
stage design: Dariusz Panas
music: Robert Łuczak
choreography: Jacek Gębura

She-cat: Joanna Baran / Kamila Rybacka (since September 2008)
Puppy: Batłomiej Brożyna / Henryk Hryniewicki (since September 2008)
Narrator I: Kamila Korolko
Narrator II: Tomasz Kuliberda

duration: 70 minutes

Plakat: The birthday of a puppy and a she-cat

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