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Naughty elephant

Naughty elephant

opening night: 04.12.2010 r.

How did the rain get up there? Why does elephant has a shorter neck than giraffe? And why elephants have such short noses of which shape remind a shoe? – it’s only a few questions from never ending list that bothers a little elephant .

the performance is under the patronage of:  Miasto Dzieci

But how not to ask about everything, when you want to get known a mysterious and intriguing world?   Yet only those who  are looking for the answers will find them!

Never ending questions asked by a little elephant tired the  adults , who don't see anything interesting in a falling rain or in  that one has a short neck and the other long. Inquisitiveness of a little elephant is annoying them and they call him a naughty one. That's the reason why one day the  little elephant  decide to find out by himself  what crocodile eats for  dinner... How will the story about little elephant end?  Will his curiosity be used by a crocodile? And why at the end of the play the elephants will have long noses?
Children will find  the answers for these questions in the play based on a novel written by Rudyard Kipling, who has received a Nobel Prize in Literature, and adults maybe will look at the youngest asking weird questions with a pinch of salt and will remember that there are no silly questions.  There are only silly answers.

author: Barbara Kościuszko
based on: Rudyard Kipling
directed by: Jacek Malinowski
stage design: Giedrė Brazytė
music: Antanas Jasenka
choreography: Marta Bury

Naughty elephant: Ewa Mrówczyńska
Mrs Tale: Małgorzata Szczyrek
Kolokolo: Kamila Olszewska
Giraffe: Marta Bury
Ostrich: Henryk Hryniewicki
Baboon: Tomasz Kuliberda
Hippopotamus: Andrzej Piecuch
Snake: Bogusław Michałek

duration: 68 min

Plakat: Naughty elephant


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