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We would like to thank all the theaters that responded to our invitation and, by sending suggestions for their performances or events, expressed their willingness to participate in the 12th International Festival of Animated Form Theaters MASCARADA 2022. We are very pleased. We received 80 applications.

When composing the program, we are guided by both high artistic quality and compliance with this year's theme of the Festival, dealing with the problem of OTHERNESS and our attitude towards it. Important criteria are also: the use of staging means from the area of ​​theater, forms and recipients – our Festival is an event for children and teenagers.

We would like to show as many performances as possible, because many of the submitted proposals really captivated us. Unfortunately, the thing that limits us a lot is the budget. We are waiting for the decision of the Ministry of Culture and National Heritage regarding our appeal and request for reconsideration of our application for funding for the Festival under the program of Artistic Events for Children and Youth.

Therefore, we cannot yet announce the list of performances qualified for this year's Festival. We will inform the applying theaters individually about the results of the pre-qualification in the near future.

12th International Festival of Theatres of Animated Forms MASKARADA [Masquerade]
Festival theme
Rzeszów, 14th-18th May 2022

We invite you to submit applications for performances for our annual International Festival of Theaters of Animated Forms MASKARADA [Masquerade]. The 12th edition of the Festival will take place from 14th to 18th May 2022. Its motto is: gośćINNOŚĆ [Host OTHERNESS]. It briefly defines the idea around which we want to focus, composing both the competition program and the accompanying program.

The motto of MASKARADA Festival is: Host OTHERNESS, where otherness is understood as diversity, and hospitality as respect and curiosity of another human being. We want the performances showed during the 12th MASKARADA Festival to represent not only a high artistic level and the use of interesting staging means from the area of form theatre, but also take up the subject of broadly understood OTHERNESS. This slogan will be interpreted broadly, provoking a conversation about DIVERSITY, IDENTITY and MINDFULNESS. All activities undertaken as part of the Festival will refer to the subject of diversity. We will look at the emotions that the unknown arouses in us. We will consider whether tolerance is a positive, pejorative or neutral concept, and how it differs from respect. In fact, each of us is DIFFERENT, we want to reflect on where, and why we set the boundaries of OTHERNESS and norms, what they result from and what they serve. We want to look at what problems the so-called OTHERNESS from the majority of members of a given community raises and how we can overcome the barriers that divide us as people.


We invite you to submit proposals for performances electronically to the following address: We are waiting for your applications until January 31, 2022. We send the Festival Regulations and the Application Form attached.

The qualification of festival performances takes place on the basis of materials sent by the teams.

Theatres will be informed about the preliminary results of the qualifications by 11th March 2022. The deadline for the final confirmation of which performances will be included in the Festival's programme depends on the date on which the Ministry of Culture and National Heritage announces information on co-financing of projects submitted to the programme: Artistic events for children and young people.

We also encourage you to send proposals to the non-competitive part of the Festival – paratheatrical events, theatrical concerts, performances and other artistic productions, which fit into the main theme of the Festival.

12. MASKARADA_Regulations (DOCX, 20 KB)
12. MASKARADA_Regulations (PDF, 88 KB)
12. MASKARADA_application form_COMPETITION (DOCX, 36 KB)
12. MASKARADA_application form_COMPETITION (PDF, 104 KB)

Contact us

central office: 17 86 26 808
secretary's office: 17 86 25 717
fax: 17 862 24 07

Audience organisation office

17 85 20 614 17 85 01 360 17 85 01 365


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