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White Marriage

White Marriage

opening night: 24.09.2014 r.

The play written by great Polish poet, dramatist and writer in 1975, was considered as a little embarrassing and willingly overlooking in critical reviews. It became known as shocking and iconoclastic at once.

Nowadays, after almost forty years, we are not so easy to shocked. We have seen and experienced almost everything in media and on the stage. Maybe then it is a time then to discover the true meaning of “White Marriage”? In opinion of the director, Oleg Żiugżda, the play tells about connection and at the same time constant fight of nature and culture. Are we right to conceptualized nature and culture as dichotomous? Does physicality mean brutishness? Is it possible to renounce it altogether? Does „culture” have the right to deceive itself by harnessing its own nature? Does not one of these spheres get far too much hold of us by denying the other? The play portrays Bianka as she looks back on her youth and on her struggles with her awakening sexuality. Tadeusz Rózewicz’s piece unites melodrama and farce, naivety and conceit, sensitivity and rudeness, and expresses the heroes’ mentality through the looking glass of cynicism. 


written by: Tadeusz Różewicz
directed by: Oleg Żiugżda
stage design: Krzysztof Paluch
music: Paweł Kondrusewicz
choreography: Marta Bury​

duration: 110 min

Plakat: White Marriage
Youth and adults


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