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Everyday Songs or One Day In Your Live

Everyday Songs or One Day In Your Live

opening night: 14.02.2015 r.

This is chamber, musical performance full of subtle humor. There is no continuous action in that performance because every song is separate microperformance, showing different situations, events and characters we meet in our everyday life.

The main character of this performance lead as a concert is the piano player. It is he who with the little help of actors create those everyday world which become world of every spectator.
Lyrics are the poetry of old masters (such as  Tadeusz Boy Żeleński) and contemporary poets (Marek Gałązka, Zbigniew Głowacki, Wojciech Szelachowski).

directed by: Bogdan E.Szczepański
stage designs and  costumes: Agnieszka Szczepańska
music: Bogdan E.Szczepański
choreography: Marta Bury

cast: Kamila Korolko, Ewa Mrówczyńska, Emilia Sulej, Tomasz Kuliberda, Bogdan E. Szczepański (guest appearance as a Piano Player)

Plakat: Everyday Songs or One Day In Your Live
Youth and adults

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