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opening night: 05.12.2015 r.

It is the time to meet the Master of Clocks, hands and pouring sand. Let’s try to uncover his secrets together.

Does the time stay still, run or flow? How can we keep it? Can we see the time? And maybe if we try we could hear it? Before us fascinating world of seconds, minutes and hours but also days, nights and seasons… It is a time to go to theatre!

“Timeuncovering” is first performance in Rzeszów dedicated to toddlers. Our performance in a simple and intelligible way tells about complicated phenomenon of time.

script: Ewa Mrówczyńska
directed by: Ewa Mrówczyńska
stage design: Krzysztof Paluch
music: Iga Eckert

cast: Ewa Mrówczyńska/Natalia Zduń/  Kamila Olszewska
        Małgorzata Szczyrek/Jadwiga Domka

duration: 40 min



Plakat: Timeuncovering


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central office: 17 86 26 808
secretary's office: 17 86 25 717
fax: 17 862 24 07

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17 85 20 614 17 85 01 360 17 85 01 365


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