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Timothy among the birds

Timothy among the birds

opening night: 10.10.2010 r.

One day a little bear found in his hat abandoned cuckoo egg. He decided to find a home for the chick. But the other birds weren't enthusiastic about the idea to welcome the cuckoo - the forest intruder.

The little bear decided to brood an egg by himself against the other inhabitants of the forest, who were trying to discourage him from this idea. Humoristic and interesting tale teach  tolerance and opening for the others. Not only the children, but also grownups certainly will like it. They can spot a complex human characters in fox and birds characters.

the performance is under the patronage of:


Miasto Dzieci 
The performance was taking a part in a Theatre Poland 2011 project, organized by Instytut Teatralny, from Ministry of Culture and National Heritage finance


author: Jan Wilkowski
directed by: András Veres
stage design: Ákos Mátravölgyi
music: Bogdan Szczepański


Little Bear Timothy Rymcimci: Kamila Korolko
Father Bear: Piotr Pańczak
Fox: Monika Szela / Natalia Zduń (since September 2012)
Birds: Robert Luszowski, Jadwiga Domka
Cuckoo, Hen: Grzegorz Eckert/ KamilDobrowolski (since January 2011)

duration: 60 min


Plakat: Timothy among the birds

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