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Three little pigs

opening night: 06.03.2004 r.

Everyone wants to have their own Home. A home which is cozy and safe, and is a shelter from cold and … wolfes. Not everyone realizes thata construction of such place is not an easy matter.

The Three Little Pigs looks very much alike. They differ only in one thing: the ability to reason. This fairy tells us how the smartest brother uses deception to teach the other two how to be smarter. And as in all fairytales, he accomplish his goal.

written by: Sergiusz Michałkow
translation: Elżbieta i Eugeniusz Koterlowie
adaptation and lyrics: Eugeniusz Koterla
directed by: Eugeniusz Koterla
stage design: Stanisław Echaust
music: Bogumił Pasternak

Nif: Marta Bury
Nuf: Jadwiga Domka/Kamila Rybacka
Naf: Kaja Tondera/Monika Szela
Wolf: Tomasz Kuliberda

duration: 60 minutes



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