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The Toy Shop

The Toy Shop

opening night: 23.09.2012 r.

The performance tells about the strange, hidden in the deep forest shop with toys, where you can find everything you dream about. The shop is exceptional for one more reason – you can purchase there toys without the money.

It may look like finding the shop hidden in the forest is the best thing that can happen to all children, but is it really as it seems to be? A little girl named Dina, one night finds out the way to the shop and discovers how it is. Soon, she learns that without the money doesn't always mean for free, and that the price which you have to pay for having another dreamed toy is sometimes very high.

author: Alexandru Popescu
translation: Danuta Bieńkowska
directed by: Robert Drobniuch
stage design: Anna Chadaj
music: Piotr Kurek
choreography: Karolina Garbacik
multimedial screening: Emilia Łapko

Night, Mother: Marta Bury
Salesman: Henryk Hryniewicki
Fibster: Tomasz Kuliberda
Wriggler: Bogusław Michałek
Dina: Ewa Mrówczyńska
Bunny: Kamila Olszewska
Wiseacre: Andrzej Piecuch


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