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The Snow Queen

The Snow Queen

opening night: 22.10.2005 r.

renew 7.12.2011

How did the evil come to the Earth? Is there more evil than good on the Earth? Which of them is stronger? Is beauty always good, and ugly always bad? Can evil be defeated?
"The Snow Queen" written by Andersen is one of the most beautiful, poetical attempt to give an answer to these questions. The story of the broken devilish mirror in metaphorical way explains ubiquity of evil in the world and difficulties to identify it.

based on: Hans Christian Andersen
written by: Oleg Żiugżda
translation: Ludmiła Rugowska
directed by: Oleg Żiugżda
stage design: Larysa Mikina-Probodiak
music: Bogdan Szczepański

Gerda: Marta Bury
Crow, Little Robber Girl: Kamila Olszewska
Princess, The Snow Queen: Monika Szela (until July 2012)/ Kamila Korolko (until June 2015)/Malwina Kajetańczyk (January 2016)
Grandma, Angel: Maria Dańczyszyn
Reindeer-man, The Snow Queen (animation): Bogusław Michałek
Troll, Old Woman, Flower-Girl, The Witch of Nord, Old Robber Woman: Piotr Pańczak
Raven, Boatman, The Snow Queen (animation): Andrzej Piecuch
Kaj, Prince: Paweł Pawlik/Kamil Dobrowolski (od grudnia 2011)

duration: 65 minutes


Plakat: The Snow Queen

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