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The Smallest Plane in the World

The Smallest Plane in the World

opening night: 04.05.2014 r.

If you think that small is the same as unimportant you don’t know yet the main character of our story! It is a plane – absolutely common, the same as many others, only small.

 As a matter of fact the smallest in the world. For a big planes his size is a reason for mocking him. You can imagine that it is not pleasant at all! One day  our small palne met the biggest dog in the world. And you may be surprised but it turned out that our little plane is the one who can help the biggest dog to find home. What happen next? Did the plane succeed his important mission? We will tell you about this during the performance.

author: Swietłana Bień
translation: Katarzyna Litwin
directed by: Igor Kazakov
stage design: Tatiana Nersisian
music: Swietłana Bień
choreography: Marta Bury

Kamil Dobrowolski, Henryk Hryniewicki, Jerzy Dowgiałło, Tomasz Kuliberda, Natalia Zduń

duration: 40 min

Plakat: The Smallest Plane in the World


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