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The boy from an album

The boy from an album

opening night: 01.04.2006 r.

"The boy from an album" is a beautiful, moving story about the Father, who used to be afraid of turkeys and who played blind man's buff and now he forgot everything and he is a serious man with a bald head and no time.

This is a story about the Son who is almost ten, who has a cat, helicopter and a steamer. He also learns English and has a lot of questions, which together with him are waiting for the Father.
This play, using the poetry and theatre based metaphor, shows the relation ship between the Father and the Son. It also shows the contrast between being a busy adult and seeing things from the child's perspective. The child see things and call them their names with an impressive simplicity and accuracy.
The authors point at the danger of being lost in a busy every day life the most important values as: person, family, love and... remembrance. The old, dusty photo album, hiding the truth about the past and about ourselves, may occur to be an opportunity to change things for better. 

author: Vytaute Žilinskaite
translatory: Alicja Rybałko
directed by: Rimas Driežis
stage design: Julija Skuratova
music: Bogdan Szczepański

Mouse: Robert Luszowski
Uncle: Bogusław Michałek
Father: Piotr Pańczak
Son: Paweł Pawlik /Tomasz Kuliberda (since 2010)
Cat: Andrzej Piecuch
Boy from an album: Arkadiusz Porada/Grzegorz Eckert (since September 2006)

duration: 55 min



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