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The Blue Dog

opening night: 06.09.2003 r.


The blue color of a dog's hair doesn't help to find a friend. Everyone laughs, wonders or tease and no one treat him seriously. The blue feels very lonely and decide to travel all around the world to find someone  who would like to become his friend. It's not easy for him, but how could be easy for a little dog (with such a color of a hair!) in a big world. Finally  his sad life has changed.
Beside that, it shows up that somewhere in the world are the countries, where only blue dogs are living, and appearing there brown, ginger or white with a black patch dog would make a huge astonishment!

written by: Gyula Urban
directed by: Krzysztof Niesiołowski
stage design: Zbigniew Burkacki
music: Jerzy Derfel
lyrics: Joanna Kulmowa

Maria Dańczyszyn, Jadwiga Domka, Robert Luszowski, Piotr Pańczak, Andrzej Piecuch, Elżbieta Winiarska



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