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Peter Pan

Peter Pan

opening night: 09.05.2015 r.

The world of grown-ups is black and white. From here to here.

Ticking of a clock in the world of the adults means that it is time to go to sleep, time to do homework, time to stop behaving like a baby… In the world of children clock's ticking is a sign of crocodile coming and of the presence of the pirates. Thus when you are tired of the rules and regulations, the choice is obvious – Neverland! The second star to the right and straight on untill morning. All you need is some wonderful thoughts  and fairy dust. Since in Neverland everything is possible, there is also a chance, that adults will find the inner child within themselves as well as children will learn to understand their parents.

written by: Michał Buszewicz
based on: James Matthew Barrie novel
directed by: Anna Nowicka
stage design: Pavel Hubička
music: Piotr Klimek
lyrics: Olek Różanek
choreography: Tomasz Graczyk

duration: 90 minutes


Plakat: Peter Pan


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