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Only a day

Only a day

opening night: 15.05.2017 r.

NThere are many things on this world – small and big, important and not. Sometimes it is hard to know the difference. Does a single day even matter? Could it be amazing and important one?

For a Mayfly – main character of our performance – those single day is whole live. But you couldn’t be more wrong, if you think that you cannot be happy if you are a Mayfly. You have to be prepper for the story full of adventures and laughter. “Those who only have one day have only 24 hours to find happiness.” Boar and Fox  - who had watching the little Mayfly hatch,  will do everything to fit the joy of a whole life into a single day! Thanks to them we discover that one day it is plenty of time to find a friend (or even two of them!), to travel through the world and life, be empathic and caring. Little Mayfly reveals a grates secret of happiness – it is not important how many day the life lasts but how good we will spend the time we have.

Performance aims to promote discussion about life, death, friendship and the importance of living and learning. Only A Day is a play about the cycle of life and the power of friendship. Based on the piece by award-winning German children’s writer and illustrator, Martin Baltscheit, it is alternately funny, sad and thought-provoking.

written by: Martin Baltscheit
translated by: Lila Mrowińska-Lissewska
directed by: Jacek Popławski
stage design: Julia Skuratova
music: Pavel Helebrand

Dobrze żyj, nie czekając na śmierć - pisze Alina Bosak w Biznes i Styl

License for permofming has been issued by Stowarzyszenie Autorów ZAiKS
Verlag für Kindertheater Weitendorf GmbH - owner of international theatrical rights 

duration: 55 min

Plakat: Only a day


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