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Oh, what wonderful Panama is

Oh, what wonderful Panama is

opening night: 24.03.2007 r.

Once upon a time there were Teddy Bear and Little Tiger. They were the best friends who lived in a little house suitable for best friends. One day they found out about Panama – the country of their dreams.

They went there together in a hurry, without being afraid of anything. They found Panama and it occurred that it was always closer them than they could ever presume.

written by:Janosch
adaptation and direction:Konrad Dworakowski
stage design: Martyna Dworakowska
music: Piotr Klimek

Narrator I, Cow, Crow: Jadwiga Domka
Little Tiger: Kamila Korolko
Narrator II, Fox, Hare: Tomasz Kuliberda
Narrator III, Mouse, Hedgehog: Robert Luszowski
Teddy Bear: Piotr Pańczak

dutation: 70 minutes



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