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Janosik. The true story.

Janosik. The true story.

opening night: 31.03.2012 r.

This is a pawky performance for those daredevils who don't get scared easily and who wants to experience an adventure.

It tells the story about the legendary highwayman named Janosik, who robbed nobles and gave the loot to the poor and about the one Huntsman who was hired by the Margrave and the Bishop to catch Janosik who terrorized the neighborhood. The Huntsman, who call himself the specialist in highwayman, is preparing to his job in a modern, scientific and methodological way. In his chasing of Janosik, he uses psychology, camouflage, he also infiltrates inside the gang of the famous highwayman. Soon it appears that nothing of this story looks  as it seems to looks like and that inhabitants of the neighborhood has much dangerous opponent than Janosik and his gang.

The performance shows that good doesn't always wear a white clothes and evil doesn't always wear a black hats, and that for reality and legends about the highwaymen and super heroes we should always look with a distance.


The author, Michał Walczak, hailed by the critics "the most interesting author of the young generations", is one of the young playwrights, who are most willingly set up on the stage.

Licencja na wystawienie utworu została wydana przez Panga Pank i Stowarzyszenie Autorów ZAiKS.


author: Michał Walczak
directed by: Jacek Malinowski
scenografia: Pavel Hubička
muzyka: Wojciech Błażejczyk


Marta Bury: Hatchet
Kamil Dobrowolski: Huntsman
Jadwiga Domka: Highwayman, Ram
Kamila Korolko: Highwayman, Ram
Robert Luszowski: Margrave
Bogusław Michałek: Highwayman, Ram
Piotr Pańczak: Janosik
Andrzej Piecuch: Bishop
Monika Szela: Highwayman, Ram

Plakat: Janosik. The true story.

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