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In the Blue Land of  Elfoludki

In the Blue Land of Elfoludki

opening night: 19.06.2007 r.

„In the Blue Land of Elfoludki” is funny, colorful plein-air performance, open to contact with children spectators.

Children have a possibility to meet with citizens of Blue Land – who are called elfins, smurffes by ones and gnomes or sprats by others. Kids advise elfins when they have troubles, even it happens that they save elfins from mortal danger.
The play presents a few adventures of Elfoludki and their struggling with their greatest enemy – Gargula. Thanks to their own smartness and thanks to the help of small spectators they get themselves out from the most difficult and most dangerous situations.

written by: Marek Pyś
directed by: Marek Pyś
stage desig: Maria Kanigowska-Belcar
music: Waldemar Wywrocki

Elfinette: Jadwiga Domka
Clumsy: Kamila Korolko
Jokey: Kamila Rybacka
Greedy: Tomasz Kuliberda
Gargula: Bogusław Michałek
Brushmouth: Piotr Pańczak
Brainy: Paweł Pawlik/Grzegorz Eckert (since September 2008)
Papa Elf: Andrzej Piecuch

duration: 50 minutes



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