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Hansel and Gretel

Hansel and Gretel

opening night: 28.03.2015 r.

Do you know what adventures wait for sweets lovers in a sweet shop?

A group of sweets lovers decides to visit a sweet shop one day. Unfortunately, when the group comes to the shop, the cakes are not ready yet. Is there a way to keep the Clients until the pastries are baked?
The great imagination seems to be the right answer. It comes out that kitchen accessories as well as ingredients are perfect tools to make up a story. The kitchen molds enables to create a beautiful forest and a kitchen cook changes into a woodcutter’s cottage. That’s the way the whole story about Hansel and Gretel starts…

The main characters get into a trouble. What’s the final part of the story? What do we learn from our characters?

Hansel and Gretel show us that it is possible to come across evil in our life. However, there are also ways to handle difficult situations. We cannot ever give up and always fight for our happiness. We cannot stand still and let somebody hurt us. We always have to protect ourselves.

adaptation and direction: Henryk Hryniewicki
stage desing: Dagmara Jemioła-Hryniewicka
music: Krzysztof Dzierma

cast: Emilia Sulej (untill August 2015) / Klaudia Cygoń (since September 2015), Małgorzata Szczyrek, Andrzej Piecuch, Henryk Hryniewicki

duration: 55 minutes

Plakat: Hansel and Gretel


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