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Good morning, Piggy

Good morning, Piggy

opening night: 14.09.2013 r.

Little Bear and Little Tiger are best friends since ever. They play and work together. They can count on each other. They like spending time together.

But one day Little Tiger meet Piggy. She is completely different then responsible Bear – great in inventing how to play as well as how to avoid work. Tiger admires a lot new acquaintance and wants to spend every moment with her. He likes Piggy’s ideas so much that he completely forget not only about his responsibilities but also about his best friend, Bear.  How does the story end? You will learn it from our performance.

The performance is based on one of Janosch books about Little Bear and Little Tiger, which are loved by children and adults. By 1980, Janosch had published over 100 books for children in nearly 30 languages.

written by: Janosch
translation: Emilia Bielicka
script: Henryk Hryniewicki
directed by: Henryk Hryniewicki
stage design: Dagmara Jemioła-Hryniewicka
music: Bartosz Tarnawski

Malwina Kajetańczyk, Małgorzata Szczyrek, Robert Luszowski

duration: 45 min


Plakat: Good morning, Piggy


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