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opening night: 11.09.2016 r.

Danger that children may face in a city.

A girl wants to come back home from school by herself. However, she is drawn into a game. She cannot leave the game unless she accepts its rules. The game turns out to be a mirror image, but the false one. A huge dice thrown by the girl becomes a building for a moment. A big bobbin unwinds into a river. Small puppets-pawns become the characters of the game. All situations created by the Pawns as well as the Player become a reflection of danger that a child may face in a city.

The show will be held in a surrealist style, inspired by such artists as: Jee Young Lee, Yayoi Kusamy. 

directed by Katarzyna Kawalec
stage design and puppets by Areta Magdalena Puchalska
music by Radosław Bolewski
choreography by: Katarzyna Paluch

cast: Jadwiga Domka, Bogusław Michałek, Maciej Owczarek, Natalia Zduń

duration: 45 minutes

Plakat: Game


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