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Filipek and Baba Yaga

Filipek and Baba Yaga

opening night: 14.05.2011 r.

Once upon a time there was a gaffer and a gammer. One day the man brought a piece of wood which suddenly alive and turn into a small boy - Filipek. Filipek brought happiness into the life's of the elder. Unfortunatly the easy life didn't last long.

Baba - Yaga, irritated by the fact that someone was fishing in her pond, have decided to eat  Filipek for a dinner. How will the boy manage to escape from the trouble? How will he use a goose help? In the performance we can find a motives from "Pinocchio", "Hansel and Gretel"  and "Tom Thumb". Ingenious boy show how to solve the problems by cleverness and resourcefulness.


author: Siarhiej Kawalou
translation: Halina Kalita
directed by: Oleg Żiugżda
stage design: Valeri Ratchkovski
music: Paweł Kondrusewicz

Mother: Jadwiga Domka
Baba - Yaga: Kamila Korolko
Filipek: Tomasz Kuliberda
Father, Blacksmith: Andrzej Piecuch

duration: 45 min


Plakat: Filipek and Baba Yaga

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