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Fairytale about happiness

Fairytale about happiness

opening night: 24.02.2007 r.

The play is devoted to the very crucial issue if we can buy the happiness. It tells us the story of The Old Man who resigns from a friendship, absorbed by the news from the World. Thoughtlessly, he changes friends for things which he always dreamt about.

The meaning of this play is very up dated when the loud advertisements of different Donkeys are easily heard and visible in the streets and in the mass media: “The latest fashion! Revelation! Foreign pattern!!!” and The trade man are only waiting until, having been tempted by all these adverts we believe that only buying things can make us happy. It is impossible to buy the happiness but it is possible to sell the friendship…

written by: Izabela Degórska
directed by: Ewa Giedrojć
stage design: Irena Marečkova
music: Agim Dżeljilji

The Little Mouse, Clown: Marta Bury
Donkey, Death: Kamila Rybacka
Piggy: Elżbieta Winiarska/Monika Szela (since September 2008)
The Old Man: Bogusław Michałek
The Trade Man: Paweł Pawlik/ Grzegorz Eckert (since September 2008)
Cock: Andrzej Piecuch

duration: 50 minutes



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