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Fairy forest

opening night: 13.09.2003 r.

Fairy Forest is a screen play, full of a good sense of humor with catchy songs. There are two acts: “ Pink Balloon” and “Lily of the valley bouquet”.

The play is telling the story about Mr. Loczek, who roamed to a fairy forest and become little animals teacher.
The adventures of Mr. Loczek and his little pupils from a forest kindergarten shows that not only the spring brings the sun and colors to the world, but  also a good manners, kindness and friendship, and little gifts gave from the  heart can bring the joy to  the sad or fractious person.

written by: Jan Ośnica
direction: Krzysztof Niesiołowski
stage design: Zbigniew Burkacki
music: Bogumił Pasternak

Tomasz Kuliberda, Bogusław Michałek, Jacek Popławski, Kamila Rybacka, Małgorzata Szczyrek, Kaja Tondera




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