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opening night: 15.11.2015 r.

Every head, and particularly head of child, is full of different dreams, beliefs and fairy tales…

As we, grown-ups,  don’t believe in Santa Claus any more, as children believe in him without any doubts.   As we believe in power of the money, as children believe their imagination. It is true that same of us believe in UFO, but does anyone believe in dragons? This is absurd! After all dragons don’t exist! But are you really sure that people exist? Maybe it is we who are dragons? After all this is the matter of convention and imagination. One is certain -  no matter if you are human or dragon you shouldn’t take anything for granted and you should believe that everything is possible… Especially in fairy tales… Perhaps our live is a fairy tale? Only if we let a fairy tale mix with our live we can be happier and see all that we usually passing without reflection. Dragons exist and can teach us many useful things, and we also can show them world they don’t know. Let’s invite them to our room to gambol or visit them under their bet! There must be something more than dust!

We invite you to a world of imagination and humour. To the land of dragons and humans invented by Malina Prześluga. The one and unique author of contemporary literature for children.

Those who are not with us, are not a dragons!

written by: Malina Prześluga
directed by: Jerzy Jan Połoński
stage design: Monika Wójcik|
music: Marcin Partyka
choreography: Ewelina Ciszewska
assistant of director: Paulina Gawrońska

duration: 75 minutes

The performance was taking a part in a final of  22nd All-Poland Contest for Staging Polish Contemporary Play
Award for the best script for Malina Prześluga at 22nd All-Poland Contest for Staging Polish Contemporary Play
Award for the best choreography for Ewelina Ciszewska at 22nd All-Poland Contest for Staging Polish Contemporary Play


The aim of All-Poland Contest for Staging Polish Contemporary Play is awarding the most interesting repertoire research in Polish theatre and popularization of Polish Contemporary Drama. The contest is organized by Ministry of Culture and National Heritage and Theatre Institute of Zbigniew Raszewski in Warsaw.

 In the first phase of the contest all performances were valued by following Artistic Committee: Jacek Sieradzki (chairman), Ewa Hevelke, Andrzej Lis, Zofia Smolarska, Szymon Spichalski, Izabela Szymańska, Katarzyna Waligóra. From over a hundred performances twelve  were chosen by an Artistic Committee to take a part in a finale competition. Jury of the contest:  Małgorzata Bogajewska, Konrad Dworakowski, Jarosław Gajewski, Rafał Węgrzyniak, Kalina Zalewska will chose the prize winners among this finale performances

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