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Christmas Eve by Mr Andersen

Christmas Eve by Mr Andersen

opening night: 05.12.2009 r.

During Christmas Eve old toys alive at the attic. They are preparing for the Christmas time, trying to restore the glitter of the old, forgotten by everyone standing in the corner Christmas tree.

Between old dusty lumbers they are finding things thanks which they can call over legends. It appears that forgotten winter stories can be found between unwanted things that were gathered  at the attic. Old toys awaiting the first star at the sky. Maybe she is hidden among them? Will they manage to create a Christmas atmosphere, make a wonderful moments and memories alive?


based on: Andersen's Fairy Tales
adaptated and directed by: Honorata Mierzejwska-Mikosza
stage design: Halina Zalewska-Słobodzianek
music: Pavel Helebrand

Ballet-dancer: Jadwiga Domka
Doll: Ewa Mrówczyńska
Clown: Piotr Pańczak

duration: 55 minutes


Plakat: Christmas Eve by Mr Andersen

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