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About Pimply-Knight and Beautiful Princess

About Pimply-Knight and Beautiful Princess

opening night: 14.06.2008 r.

How to find mate for Beautiful Princess? All court deliberates... But the best way is found just by Princess. Performance just is about it.

On the stage we meet  the gallery of the most fabulous characters: king, queen, clown, knight, robber and witch. Performance is full of humor and funny events, and the action is so complicated that the audience still are in suspense if everything will be ended as should be  ended in fairy-tails.

written by: Marta Guśniowska
directed by: Alina Skiepko-Gielniewska
stage design: Halina Zalewska-Słobodzianek
music: Krzysztof Dzierma

Pimply-Knight: Henryk Hryniewicki
Beautiful Princess: Agnieszka Bednarek (until August 2009)/Ewa Mrówczyńska (since September 2009)
Clown: Kamila Korolko
Queen, Witch: Kamila Rybacka
King, Spoiler-Robber: Tomasz Kulibera

duration: 60 minutes

Plakat: About Pimply-Knight and Beautiful Princess

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