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opening night: 23.09.2015 r.

opening night at Lublin: 28.08.2015

They say that from time to time at the pole lonely penguin abandon its flock and goes deep into the land. Premeditation and obstinance with which that penguin  goes on certain death are incomprehensible for scientists. Antarctic metaphor is accordant to give the character of desperate romantic escapade. Only those will survive who are in constant motion.

The main character of the performance is Cyprian Kamil Norwid - the grate Polish poet, which led a tragic and often poverty-stricken life. He experienced harsh critical reviews and increasing social isolation. His work  - rejected by his contemporaries - was only rediscovered and appreciated long time after his death. Now, he is considered one of the four most important Polish  Romantic poets. 

The show tells us the story of his unrealized dream of taking a part in a pole expedition. At the same time in a nursing home of St. Casimir's Institute in Paris the nuns segregate chests of papers - poems and letters which remain after Norwid's death. His work are actual and bitter diagnosis of contemporary Polish society.

script by: Paweł Passini
directed by: Paweł Passini
assistant of director: Grzegorz Grecas
script cooperator: Paulina Tchurzewska
projection: Maria Porzyc
stage design and costumes: Marta Góźdź
light: Damian Bakalarz
sound: Tomasz Kraśkiewicz
poster: Michał Jadczak
producer: Łukasz Wójtowicz
assistant of producer: Anita Struk

cast: Ewa Mrówczyńska, Jadwiga Domka, Paweł Janyst, Malwina Kajetańczyk, Klaudia Cygoń, Jarosław Tomica

duration: 90 min



Performance is coproduction of The Maska Theatre in Rzeszów and Center for Culture in Lublin.



Youth and adults


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