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Sleeping Beauty

Sleeping Beauty

opening night: 14.09.2008 r.


Princess Rose birth fullfill the kingdom with happiness. Fairies living in a kingdom gather together to offer her the best qualities. However a wicked fairy who wasn't invited for a christiening take a revenge. Good sometimes has to  step aside evil, but  finally will achieve a victory – and it is not  true that it happens only in a tale.
Stylish scene designing, costumes and amazing music carry the audience into a mysterious world of a tale.

written by: Renata Chudecka, Petr Nosálek
stageing: Petr Nosálek
directed by: Marek Wit
stage design: Pavel Hubička
music: Nikos Engonidis


Good Fairy: Marta Bury
Chef: Maria Dańczyszyn
Queen: Jadwiga Domka
Servant: Robert Luszowski
King: Bogusław Michałek
Prince: Grzegorz Eckert/Piotr Pańczak
Wicked Fairy: Małgorzata Szczyrek
Princess Rose: Monika Szela
Guard: Wiesław Ożóg/Bogdan Mydlarz

duration: 60 minutes

Sleeping Beauty

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