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Pietrek the Tiger

Pietrek the Tiger

opening night: 24.09.2005 r.

Little Tiger is afraid of everything. He is scared of noise, thunderbolt, hail, clouds, dusk, glitter and even a fly clangor.

Little Tiger's mom and other tigers concerned about this fact decided to show him what the fear is and how to plug a courage. They create different worlds, play miscellaneous characters, give Pietrek various tasks, and all of this happen in one place - in a circus, next to laundry lines. With a little help of children's imagination the Little Tiger start an amazing journey, during which he experience various kinds of courage.
Clear plot, amusing text, funny situations, hilarious costumes and spontaneous actor's play make this performance become a family's theatre.

written by: Hanna Januszewska, Jan Wilkowski
directed by: Ireneusz Maciejewski
stage design: Ireneusz Maciejewski
music: Anna Świętochowska
circus consultation: Paweł Suski
pedagogic care: Andrzej Beya Zaborski

Peter, the Tiger: Katarzyna Gałasińska (guest appearance)
Tiger Mother: Małgorzata Szczyrek,
Very Brave Tiger I: Jadwiga Domka,
Very Brave Tiger II: Tomasz Kuliberda,
Very Brave Tiger III: Robert Luszowski

duration: 60 minutes

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