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Nina and Paul

Nina and Paul

opening night: 04.06.2016 r.

The story of first love which we would like to tell you has two versions. His and her. Everything has started last day of school.

Although Nina and Paul was classmates for a long time that day changed everything in their relations. However each of them remember  it in a complete different way. What was the truth? Is Nina or Paul right? It doesn’t matter.  The important thing is that both stories has something common – first true affection, necessity of street credibility and fear of being laughed at…

The main characters of our performance we met in the moment of change.  No longer childe no adults either. They start their first relationships. Our performance is an invitation to talk about emotions. It shows us that we have right to love despite of our age.


written by: Thilo Reffert
directed by: Laura Sonik
translation: Lila Mrowińska-Lissewska
stage design: Katarzyna Bublewicz
music: Miłosz Markiewicz
choreography: Magdalena Widłak


opening night: 3 June 2016 Wrocław, 4 June 2016 Rzeszów

duration: 60 minutes

The performance is co-financed by City Wrocław  


duration: 60 min

Nina and Paul


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