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Mr. Twardowski sorcery

opening night: 27.03.2003 r.

This is the first ballet performance in a half century history of a Puppet and Actor Theatre in Rzeszów. A new adventures of the master of magic - Mr. Twardowski - danced by the professional artists will interest the audience in every age with no doubts

The Devil, who was trying many tricks to conquer Mr. Twardowski soul, get a new idea: he turn into a sultry woman. He meet with a strong rivalry from a beautiful and energetic  Krakow vendor, future Mrs. Twardowska. Rivalry between a  woman and a Devil about a soul (and a body?) of a famous brawler and magicians become a leitmotiv of the staging.
In the play were used different kinds of theatres. Beside dancing artists, appears actors in a masks, little puppets and giant 3 meters high dolls.

written by: Maciej K. Tondera
directed by: Maciej K. Tondera
stage design: Elżbieta Oyrzanowska
music: anonymous (c. XVI), Jan z Lublina, Stanisław Moniuszko „Opowieść zimowa”, Ludomir Różycki „Introdukcja”, „Krakowiak marionetek”
choreography: Janusz Chojecki
assistant director and choreographer: Artur Dobrzański

Devil: Marta Bury
Ms Twardowska: Barbara Płonka (guest performer)
Mr Twardowski: Artur Dobrzański (guest performer)
Girl: Jadwiga Domka
Boy: Robert Luszowski
Pots salesman, Ice guard II: Tomasz Kuliberda
Winter: Piotr Pańczak, Elżbieta Winiarska Ice guard I:Bogusław Michałek
scenes in nativity play - Cock: Elżbieta Winiarska
scenes in nativity play - Mr Twardowski: Jadwiga Domka
scenes in nativity play - man of Cracov, woman of Cracov: Bogusław Michałek, Piotr Pańczak




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