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Matołek the Billy-Goat journeys

Matołek the Billy-Goat journeys

opening night: 18.09.2004 r.

Matołek the Billy-Goat - as Mr. Makuszyński says, and he knows the best – were travelling around the world for 117 years! He had lots of adventures that amuse, surprise, sometimes terrified.

In our performance Matołek the Billy-Goat visits China, India, African bush and Sahara’s sand. This amazing and exotic journey happens with accompaniment of the music from all around the world, marvelous  original costumes and puppets which helps  to imagine the countries he is visiting. The performance is full of a good sense of humor, music and colors.

written by: Kornel Makuszyński
adaptation: Arkadiusz Klucznik
directed by: Arkadiusz Klucznik
stage design: Grażyna Skała
music: Włodzimierz Szomański
choreography: Katarzyna Aleksander-Kmieć

Narrator, Chinese, Hindu, Stork, Monkey, Negro: Marta Bury
Chinese, Hindu, Stork, Giraffe, Merchant: Jadwiga Domka
Narrator, Emperor, Hindu, Crocodile, Bedouin, Negro: Robert Luszowski
Narrator, Chinese, Hindu, Elefant, Bedouin, Negro, Director of Zoo: Bogusław Michałek
Narrator, Marshal, Hindu-Merchant, Lion, Bedouin, Kring of Negro: Piotr Pańczak
Matołek the Billy-Goat: Andrzej Piecuch
Narrator, Emperor's daughter, Hindu, Stork, Parrot, Bedouin: Kamila Rybacka
Chinese, Hindu, Stork, Ostrich, Negro: Monika Szela




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