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Beauty and the Beast

Beauty and the Beast

opening night: 06.12.2008 r.

Creators of this performance use the theatre of object, theatre of symbol to tell classic fable. In this kind of theatre gesture, movement, shape and color mean more than words.

Director tries to get to the bottom of this fable and find answer on the question in which way the Beast becomes the man. In this performance there isn’t text. The stage design is symbolic. Thanks to live music (an accordion) performance has a mysterious atmosphere. A story is shown not literally, so spectators have more possibilities to interpret what happen on the stage. Theatre of the figure, theatre of objects demands cooperation with spectators. It seems that performance doesn’t tell the story, but the events happen right now on the stage.
A classic fable about Beauty and the Beast is only a pretext to show a story which happened many times and will happen many times. An introverted, lonely man thanks to a patience of a woman turns over a new leaf. He has learnt to love. A story Beauty and the Beast shows that the fears which we have inside can be overcome. The wall, which we have built to separate ourselves from others, to hide our true feelings, our needs, can be destroyed – it depends from us.  


written and directed by: András Veres
stage design: Ákos Mátravölgyi
music (live): Krzysztof Mroziak

Jadwiga Domka, Bogusław Michałek

duration: 45 minutes


Beauty and the Beast

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