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A Tale for a Very Naughty Children

A Tale for a Very Naughty Children

opening night: 22.06.2007 r.

One night, at a rather undefined place, two children , A Boy and A Girl meet. At first showing ill will to each other they both get involved in a game by telling one of their favourite tales to each other…

 “A Tale for Very Naughty Children” is a story filled with childish fantasy taking place in a non-real, fairy-like world full of incredible characters, mysteries and magic. Some particular events from a tale of Jaś and Małgosia recollected by A Boy and A Girl remind them of their own memories and the humour is connected with the dark secrets of the main characters. Sometimes their own hard to present experiences gain the upper hand of the tale told by them. The tale helps them to face their own stories of life.
Can the story of the characters from an already known tale be told in a different way? What can the tale told by the children deprived of their childhood be like?

based upon a fairy-tale by The Grimm Brothers
written and directed by: Jacek Czerski
stage design: Maria Kanigowska-Belcar
music: Andrzej Bocian

A Boy: Paweł Pawlik
A Girl: Kamila Rybacka

duration: 60 minutes



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